Clitoral Hoodoplasty

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What is a Clitoral Hoodoplasty?

Clitoral Hoodoplasty, also known as Clitoral Hood Reduction is a surgical procedure involving removal of the excess tissue surrounding or covering the clitoris. The clitoris is a highly sensitive and arousing erectile tissue of the female similar to penis in males. The tissue that covers and surrounds the clitoris is called the clitoral hood or prepuce.

Why a Clitoral Hoodoplasty?

The main function of the clitoris is to induce sexual pleasure. Enlargement of the clitoral hood can negatively affect sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse. If the tissue is large and redundant, it can be causing inability to achieve adequate stimulation to the clitoris.

The redundant tissue can also be uncomfortable while wearing a bathing suit or tight fitting clothing as well as with exercises. In addition, women with an enlarged clitoral hood are also often concerned about cosmetic appearance.

During the surgery, adequate amount of tissue removed to allow for the clitoris to be stimulated easily. Many patients admit to increase sensitivity of the clitoris and increased ability to achieve orgasm. Obviously, due to very complex functional nature of sexual response and orgasm, no surgeon can guarantee that sexual function will be definitely restored or improved with just clitoral hood skin reduction.

What are the risks associated with Clitoral Hoodoplasty surgery?

The most frequently reported risks of surgery may include bleeding, infection, scarring and decreased clitoral sensation. Complications are possible but with our experience and surgical techniques they are uncommon.

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Prenatal sex determination & sex selection is illegal in India and not done here. It is a punishable offence.

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