Semen Freezing

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Are you going to undergo medical treatment that may affect your fertility?

Do you have a low sperm count?

It will help if you consider semen freezing.

What is semen freezing?

Semen freezing also called cryopreservation is a technique of freezing and preserving sperms for later use. The sperm can bestored in the lab for an indefinite period in liquid nitrogen at -1960C.

For whom is semen freezing useful?

Semen freezing has given hope to many men who can preserve their fertility and use it later to conceive. Semen freezing in India is quite common, and many people are opting for it.

Dr. Rainee Agrawal, one of the best IVF doctor in Mumbai, India, will recommend semen freezing if:

  • You will be undergoing cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, as it can lead to complete sterility and infertility.
  • You are planning to undergo vasectomy.
  • Your sperm quality is deteriorating, or you have a low sperm count.
  • You are in high-risk professions that expose you to radiation, chemicals, or extreme heat that can lead to sterility.
  • You are suffering from ejaculatory dysfunction.
  • You are traveling and might be away from home on the day of assisted reproductive treatment.
  • Sperms are extracted surgically from the testis, and you can save the excess sperm for future fertility purposes.

IVF centre in Mumbai If by any chance, the husband is unable to produce a semen sample on the day of the oocyte retrieval due to mental pressure, we can use the frozen sample, which gives equally good results.

What is the procedure for semen freezing in India?

Step by step procedure for semen freezing in India at our clinic:

Blood test – Before carrying out this procedure, you will have to undergo a blood test to ensure that you do not have any infectious disease.

Production – You will have to produce a sample of semen at our clinic.

Wash and analysis – We will wash your semen sample at our lab to remove the excess fluid, debris, dead and weak sperm. Then we will analyze the sperm to check its quality.

Freezing – Finally, your semen sample will be placed in liquid nitrogen vapour to allow gradual cooling of the semen. Then the frozen samples are safely placed and stored in storage vessels that contain liquid nitrogen at the temperature of -1960C.

Semen storage – Normally, the standard storage period for semen is ten years, but you can extend this period.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 ) Where can I freeze and store my semen?

Generally, you can freeze and store your semen at the sperm bank, which sometimes is a part of the fertility clinic.

2 ) Who can opt for semen freezing?

Anybody who is healthy and has sperm in their ejaculate can opt for sperm freezing. It is a beneficial option for people whose fertility is threatened due to cancer.

3 ) Who should avoid freezing their semen?

Any person who does not have sperm in their ejaculate are not good candidates for semen freezing. Also, men who are undergoing chemotherapy should not bank their sperm as it often affects the DNA of the sperm and could result in pregnancy loss or birth defects.

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